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Yonder Brewing

Yonder Brewing - Dunstan's Exile

Yonder Brewing - Dunstan's Exile

Stock Status: In Stock
5.5% Belgian Pale
375ml Bottle

Named for Saint Dunstan, the former abbot of Glastonbury famed for defeating the devil with only a pair of tongs, who was exiled to Belgium for a number of years. This beer represents an export in the opposite direction; an outstanding Belgian style pale ale brewed in Somerset. The Barley and Wheat are joined by light-struck, skunked hops and fermented in ale and wine yeasts, to provide a complex yet refreshing flavour!

The real new kids on the block, Yonder Brewing & Blending was born in the Autumn of 2018, based on a love of foraging, fermentation and above all, flavour.Having gained experience previously with Wild Beer Co, they are specialists in spontaneous and mixed fermentation, making use of fresh, foraged adjuncts to make beers as delicious as they are unique.