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Moor Beer Co.

Moor Beer Co. - Confidence

Moor Beer Co. - Confidence

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4.6% Red Ale
330ml Can

This bold ruby ale was brewed as a tribute to Kung Fu San Soo Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo, and his motto, "You can take my life but not my confidence," and like it's inspiration, it's flavours certainly pack a punch. A powerful​​​​ malty taste with more than a hint of toffee, overlaid with a burst of fruity hops.

Founded in 1996 in the Levels and Moors of Somerset which provide the name of the company, Moor ceased trading in 2005 before being resurrected in 2007 which saw a massive reshaping and rebranding of the company, before a move to Bristol in 2014.

Today Moor are specialists in unfined, naturally hazy beer, leading the charge for the rest of the UK craft scene. This holds advantages to the aroma and flavour of the beer and also means that all of Moor's brews are vegan friendly.
  • Type:
    Red Ale