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Arbor Ales

Arbor Ales - Yakima Valley

Arbor Ales - Yakima Valley

Stock Status: In Stock
7% IPA
568ml Can

A session beer, it ain't. In the brewery's own words, this beer is 'a celebration of everything we love about IPAs' which sums iyt all up really. A whopping 7% ABV and a shedload of Americam hops make this a punchy little number, reminding us all of what's great about the beer style that changed the world.

Arbor Ales are a family run brewery going strong since 2007 with the intention of brewing beer that not only the brew masters enjoy drinking but that the brand itself can be proud to call one of their own. Having brewed over 300 different styles and types of beers - from regular brews to one off creations that even they can't keep track of - Arbor are a brewery with a passion for creating beer that challenges the pallet and the mind, ensuring their high standards are met every single time.
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